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"Very grateful for the relationship developed with Toya and the team. I can count on them to take care of my customers on Facebook and via email in a timely manner. Messaging my customers and potential customers quickly has really helped my business grow. It's also been a pleasure becoming a partner of goblackink maintaning there computers and tablets. Thanks goblackink team for all you do. Cheers!”

Paulette B.


“Very positive experience, a pleasure to work with! LaToya is a social marketing and business wiz. I am a visionary and don't have time to for the day to day operations of handling my social platform and keeping my customers engaged. I love the fact that she oàers expertise in her IT, bookkeeping, marketing background. She is culturally sensitive to the needs of my followers and oàers great feedback on key decisions. I personally recommend GoBlackInk. Her prices are very reasonable and she tackles tasks down like a champ!”

Erica “The Coney Lady”


“I'm out in the field most of the day and I don't have much time to get all my paper work completed in the evenings. I wanted to give a big Thank You to the goblackink team for helping me with my google listing, customer support, keeping me organized, and getting my invoices sent out! ”

    HENRY G.

"This is the best team that you can have. They are professional, efficient, and thorough. They are my team and I’m proud to have them "

Dr. Mignon Grant

Dainty Fashions

"Toya has been a huge piece of my growth an engagement on my FB groups and pages. She knows how to drive conversations and really and valuable engagement. Her interaction is exactly what you need when growing your business on Facebook."



"LaToya of GoBlackInk is the real deal. She is not only highly skilled, but she is extremely organized, detail-oriented and resourceful. LaToya is not someone you have to micromanage either. She gets a lot done with little direction. As a matter of fact, when I had to step away from working in my business for a while, LaToya jumped right in and ran my back office smoothly and effortlessly."



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Meet the Founder

Toya Glenn

Toya Glenn

Founder / Ambassador for Know!Like!Trust!

Toya a native Floridian, is a homeschooling mom of 6. She, along with her team, enjoy providing online brand management services for businesses large and small throughout the United States.

“Over the years of engaging in social, we've learned customers will flock to you and stay with you if you love on them and get them results!”

– Toya

Building Know, Like, and Trust = Success


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