March 4

Tips for Using YouTube in Your Digital Marketing Efforts


YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. Yet, only a very small percentage of companies are harvesting its power to connect with customers. Here are some tips you will want to follow to market effectively on YouTube. 

Upload Consistency

One of the important things to remember when using YouTube to promote your product is to be consistent. The YouTube algorithm is skewed towards people who consistently post to the platform at a certain time. DIY Musician explains, “Newly published videos get an SEO boost during the first week they’re published on YouTube, so publishing regularly ensures you’ll always have a video higher up in SERPs. Regular views and repeated visits to your channel signal to YouTube that your content is valuable, and therefore deserved higher search rank.” For example, your target audience may know that you are always going to upload at 8 PM on Wednesdays. Be careful, however, to announce any time you will not be posting a new episode well before the fact so that you do not disappoint your target audience. 

Vary Your Content

It is important to provide different types of content on YouTube designed to lead viewers through the sales funnel. You will want to incorporate videos introducing your brand, values and products to people who may be hearing about your company for the first time. Then, lead them to the next step by telling them more about your products and how your products will help solve their challenges.

You will also want to create YouTube videos showing real people using your products and the results. One company that does a great job of this is doTERRA. doTERRA’s YouTube channel is full of tutorials, footage from events and conventions, informative videos, recipes, videos on ethical sourcing and manufacturing, and much more. Since viewers have an almost unlimited number of choices, make sure to create content that provides value to viewers.

Another great example of this is a beauty channel. Take Makeup Doll for example. There’s a broad range of content ranging from tutorials, product reviews, promoted or affiliated content, weight loss progress/motivation, year end lists, giveaways, vlogs, hauls/shopping trips, and more. There’s a whole host of content that can come from a simple idea like, “beauty channel”. 

YouTube Call-to-Actions

One aspect that many companies miss is telling the viewer what they would like them to do next. You may want to suggest another of your videos that they will want to watch as the amount of time a viewer spends on your channel has a very strong impact on YouTube’s algorithm. You will also want to invite them to subscribe to your channel so that they can see new content as it is released. Make sure to put your links to other social media platforms where viewers can see them and follow you in other places too. You should end each video by giving your website URL and encouraging viewers to connect with you there. You can also add Youtube overlays as described by isitebuild’s YouTube channel. In addition to including calls to action in your video, make sure to tell viewers what you want to do in your video’s description.

There are many different ways that you can market effectively on YouTube. Follow these tips by personalizing them to meet the expectations of your target audience, and you can watch your return-on-investment grow quickly.

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