June 19

3 Tips for Using Social Media to Expand Your Business Influence


It really is no secret that social media has become a potent force in terms of driving business influence. Savvy business leaders have come to the understanding that it’s necessary to enact steps in order to increase the amount of influence that their businesses have through social media marketing. This is true whether the business is one that sells a product or one that provides a service of some type. These methods have become a powerful tool within the residential and commercial real estate building sector as well. 

This might not be the first business sector that comes to mind when thinking about social media marketing, but the fact is that today’s world is patched into the vast network of social media posts, and so utilizing these tips can be a great way to increase the influence of your residential and commercial real estate business.


Content is one of the most critical aspects of successful marketing through social media. Business2Community says that, within this aspect, it’s very important that fresh content is added on a frequent basis. Keeping content fresh is an outstanding way to keep your customer base continually updated on the latest things that are going on with your business. Content that’s engaging will be the type that appeals to your target audience members and then engages them in a way that sparks their interest. 

Direct Social Media Advertising

Direct social media advertising is one of the most potent ways that you can use social media platforms in order to expand the influence of your business. This is a type of content where customers can respond directly back to you or whoever you have working on your social media advertising. SMBYO points out that this allows you to have your business website and your listings seen instantly by a hyper-targeted group of people who are using social media. Direct social media advertising also presents a great opportunity to get your social media advertising posts shared out to other users. 

Utilize Social Media Analytics

As Synthesio points out, social media analytics is one of the most potent tools that businesses can use to expand their influence through social media marketing. These tools provide today’s business owners with data that is essential to help with identifying where a target audience is. They also give business owners a much clearer picture of how successful their social media campaigns really are.

These are just a few of the most useful suggestions that you can keep in mind when endeavoring to utilize social media platforms as a way to increase the overall influence of your business. Using these three suggestions will go a long way toward helping to add to your business’s exposure.

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