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How to Increase Your Local Search Traffic in 60 Days


If you operate a brick-and-mortar business or one where you sell to local customers, all the search engine optimization in the world isn’t going to matter if you can’t increase your local search traffic. You need members of your own community to be able to find where your business is at and then spend money. To that end, here are five great ways to increase your local search traffic in sixty days.

Standardizing Your NAP

Your “NAP” is your name, address, and phone number, and standardizing it is critical for your SEO. Search engines will typically use these three things when ranking websites for relevance. As such, keeping them accurate, updated, and standardized will help enhance a search engine’s ability to find your website. So how can you accomplish this? Make sure that your NAP is identical across all websites and social media platforms, and ensure it is present on all platforms as well.

Create Content Using Local Keywords

If you want to be found in local searches, make sure that you produce content that reflects your local community. Your social media profiles and website should be replete with local content. Don’t just rely on your NAP. Instead, make sure that your website is loaded with keywords that reflect the surrounding communities. Discuss other businesses on your social media. Link to local community hot spots and other places where a potential customer can visit before and after visiting your place of work. Remember, the search engine algorithms can’t find you unless you include the right keywords that are relevant to your industry.

The Local 3 Pack

Google’s Local 3 Pack is a relatively new way in which Google ranks the top local searches for a certain topic. Since it is so prominently placed, and most people don’t scroll beyond the Local 3 pack, getting your business into the 3 pack is incredibly important. To accomplish this, first, ensure that your NAP is consistent across all platforms. Check your website to see if it is loaded with keywords that are relevant to your search. Also, create business listings on relevant platforms, like Yelp. Remember MapQuest? It’s still around, and creating a business listing on it can also help attract local customers to your business. As such, setting up an active business presence on the site is likely to help you break into the Local 3 Pack.

Seek Reviews from Customers

Getting great reviews on websites like Facebook, Google Reviews and Yelp are important for many reasons, some of which go beyond being able to highlight happy customers. It’s a way to always have fresh and relevant content available as well as showcase happy customers, both of which can help boost your search engine optimization. Furthermore, it demonstrates your company is a good one, and frequent content updates can help make it easier for search engine algorithms to find your business, thus ranking it higher. Remember, getting positive reviews is more than just setting up a website and hoping for the best. Make sure to explicitly ask your customers for reviews.

Build Out Your Social Media Presence

Social media is for more than just pushing out content and connecting with potential customers. It is also hugely important for increasing your SEO. It’s critical that create profiles on all the major social networks. Even if you don’t actively create and share content, it’s important to have a presence, so you can display contact information about your business and point people back to your main website. Furthermore, you can create a page for use at a later date.

Increasing your local search engine optimization isn’t something that is particularly hard to do, but it does require work, effort, and thought. Thankfully, the above suggestions can all be implemented in a matter of a few days, and you should be able to do them all with relative ease. It’s also worth noting that increasing local SEO is something that local businesses can do together in partnership with other local companies, chambers of commerce, or marketing firms. These days, no business can make it on its own. Find partners, and leverage those partnerships to grow your business and increase your SEO.


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