August 5

What Every Startup Should Know About Marketing


When you’re in the process of starting a new business, there are so many things you have to learn incredibly quickly. And in the beginning stages of your business, it can feel like the learning curve is pretty steep. Even though it can be easy to focus more on other aspects of your company, be sure to give adequate attention to your marketing to ensure you can draw in customers.

The Costs of Marketing

One of the first things you should educate yourself on when it comes to marketing is cost. Do your research and consult with different experts to understand the different cost factors for various types of marketing strategies. You may be surprised by how cost-effective certain strategies can be as well as by how expensive others can be too. Doing your research ahead of time can help you build your marketing strategy in alignment with your budget.


You Need a Plan

As you start to get an idea of what marketing strategies are within your reach given your particular budget, make a very specific marketing plan so that your funds don’t go to waste. A marketing proposal lays out the plan for your strategy.

It typically involves a strong multi-faceted approach to your marketing strategy and considers budget, specific marketing approaches, how to implement them, market research suggesting their viability, and a detailed timeline to perform all the marketing steps. Having this kind of detailed plan will help you best utilize your marketing-related resources.


Change is Inevitable

If you have a solid plan and you understand the different risks, the breadth of your marketing approach, and your targeted audience really well, you’re much likelier to have a successful time with your marketing. But even with all the preparation in the world, you need to be prepared to encounter the unexpected and to have to make changes to your plan.

Developing the ability to be versatile will serve you well especially in the early stages of your business. Learning to pivot quickly and think on your feet when certain marketing strategies don’t work as intended will ensure you make it through rough patches.


Starting a business, regardless of the product or industry, is an all-consuming affair. If you’re in the process of a launch or are looking forward to one, spending the right amount of time thinking about your marketing strategy can help you feel at ease that your hard work on your product and other aspects of your company won’t be for naught. Getting your marketing strategy nailed down can help you have peace of mind.

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