September 23

Unique Content Forms You Need on Your Website


The ability to drive traffic to your website is one thing, but how do you keep the interest of your audience once they get there? Adding fun and unique content to your website helps you stand out as experts in your industry and your brand as unique and interesting. Give people a reason to stay on your website by adding content forms like these!


Adding ebooks to your website is a great way to provide customers with more information and help them gain something in the process. Do some research as to what kinds of e-books you might want to sell on your site based on what kinds of information your customers would like to learn more about. Provide a written description of the book as well as some author information, establishing your author as a reputable source. Giving customers the option to purchase e-books from your website shows them you don’t just want to sell them something, but want to help them learn more, all without ever leaving your website.



Interactive content helps create more demand for your products. Quizzes are a great, interactive way to engage with customers and help you sell more at the same time. Use a website that can help you build a quiz that your customers would enjoy. Think of a catchy title for the quiz like “Which Paint Color Matches Your Personality?” Keep it fun and light-hearted, no serious questions necessary. At the end of the quiz when you give the results, be sure to relate the results back to a product or offering you have, linking directly to the product page. 



Videos are another great form of content for your website. Most customers do not want to read pages and pages of information about a product or service, but many are willing to take a couple of minutes to watch a fun, informative video. There are a variety of ways you can use videos to boost your business. The first is by telling your company’s story on an About Us webpage. This helps build an emotional connection between you and your audience. The next is to demonstrate products or describe services. Videos like these allow your customer to better understand what they would get from you. And finally, videos let you share more about your business’ expertise and include customer feedback. 


Including interesting content is another way to get your audience’s attention and prove to them you are an industry leader or insider. The goal of improving your website content is to compel your audience to linger longer on your website, click through your website, and make the desired action. Experiment with different forms of content, promote them and analyze the user feedback data to figure out what works best for your business.

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